Abstraction and Distillation

All of the magic in the realm falls under the Abstraction and Distillation system of magic. This can be defined as a group of Impetuses and Elements. Impetuses are the means by which an Element is manipulated, and Elements are the basis for existence. People gain the ability to manipulate different Elements and Impetuses by injecting a serum which alters their DNA. The process is extremely painful and requires approximately 24 hours to take full effect.

The Elements have evolved into two schools of thought: Traditional and Contemporary. Traditional Elements encompass a different philosophy than those of Contemporary. Namely, Traditional Elements run parallel to what the ancient Greeks believed each element encompassed while Contemporary Elements reflect a scientific view of how the elements interact.

Traditional Elements

  • Earth – The element of the planet. This includes stone, metal and dirt, as well as basic gravitational effects (mainly strengthening and lessening gravity).
  • Wind – The element of wind and movement. Wind can be used to make someone faster or to create buffeting winds.
  • Water – The element of water and healing. Water can be used to heal the wounds of others as well as manipulate most liquids, although anything too distant from the most basic thought of water (i.e. oil) cannot be manipulated.
  • Fire – The element of fire and life. Traditional Abstractors can use Fire to imbue minute amounts of life and create weak constructs as well as fireballs.

Contemporary Elements

  • Earth – The element of stone, metal and dirt, and practically all solid (non-living!) matter.
  • Air – Pressure and entropy
  • Water – The element of liquid matter
  • Fire – Heat and enthalpy. With this element one could turn a ball of clothe into a ball of fire or freeze over a lake.
  • Lightning – Electricity
  • Magnetism – The element of magnetic forces
  • Gravity – The element of gravitational forces. One could strengthen/weaken/negate the gravity in a given area, or create points of intense gravity where all loose objects will be attracted. One can also alter something’s personal gravity, such as making it seem that the wall is now the floor for one person.
  • Anima – The element of life. Anything that directly affects living things must be done so under this element. For example, warming a life form would need Anima and Fire.


  • Create – You create new instances of your chosen element. This includes conjuring water, air or fire.
  • Control – You are able to control and manipulate pre-existing elements around you. This primarily includes moving elements around in your immediate vicinity
  • Enhance – You can strengthen an element. This would include making a sword harder or increasing an area’s gravity.
  • Influence – You alter some facet of the element without making it stronger or weaker. This would include orienting something’s gravity to a different point or turning one life form into another
  • Tax – You can weaken an element. This would include making a sword brittle or decreasing an area’s gravity
  • Transmute – You change one element into another. You cannot destroy an element, only replace it with another. For this, you must know each element involved. For example, you could turn an area of Earth into a pocket of air.


Abstraction is the practice of invoking one or more Elements using an Impetus. Practitioners of Abstraction are called Abstractors and are often in high demand from the Military, Rebels or many of the gangs in Eindraegni. Rest assured, if you know Abstraction, you will find a job, one way or another. Read more on Abstraction


Distillation is the practice of giving someone a specific ability with Abstraction. This produces effects generally much more potent than Abstraction, but the user does not have any conscious control over Abstraction. The process of gaining a Distillation, while similar to that of gaining ability over Abstraction in that they both involve injecting a DNA altering serum, inhibits the subject from ever learning Abstraction. Read more on Distillation.

Abstraction and Distillation

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