City Creation

We will be creating Eindraegni from the ground up. For this period of the game, we will be the gods with full control over this small area of the world. City creation will take place in four stages: Landscape, City Planning, Relations and Aspects and Faces.

Landscape—Shaping the world

In this stage, we will shape the land in and around Eindraegni. A base map will be provided. All area on this map is fair game. Create mountains, plateaus, rivers, forests, what have you. Granted, these will be on a smaller scale of a single city instead of a full continent. But have a vision of what you want the city to be. If you want to have the university resting atop an acropolis, overlooking the city, then there needs to be an acropolis for it to rest on!

City Planning—Building the basics

In this stage, we will construct the buildings that reside within Eindraegni. Based upon the terrain we laid out in the previous section, we will build all the sectors of the city – the slums, the Hills, the market, the marina! You want your gang to rule over the refugee slums? Then there needs to be a refugee slum for them to rule over!

Relations—Shaping the people of Eindraegni

In this stage, we will create the social circles of Eindraegni and establish their history. Based on the buildings we constructed in the previous stage, we will create the social groups that will inhabit them. This is the stage to create rival gangs, to turn the government building into a haven for scandal and bribery, to create avatars of the city that all who live within its walls will know. You want your character to be apart of a gang known for merciless torturing of innocents, then you better make a gang known for merciless torturing of innocents!


At the start of each turn, you roll two d6’s. You add them together with your running pool of ””Power.”” You can spend points from this pool to use the powers listed below to shape the city. If you end your turn with fewer than six points, you gain a bonus equal to this difference up to a maximum of +3 on your next turn’s roll. For example, if you end your turn with only 4 points, giving you a +2 bonus, at the beginning of your next turn, after you roll the two d6’s and add them together, you add this bonus, +2, to the total. This balances against players who stockpile.

Table of Powers

Power Landscape City Planning Relations
Shape Land, 1” 3 5 8
Create Group 22 8 4
Create Zone 8 3 5
Command Group 4 3 2
Advance City 10 5 6
Advance Zone 8 2 4
Advance Group 6 4 2
Purify Zone 5 3 4
Corrupt Zone 4 3 3
Purify Group 4 3 3
Corrupt Group 3 2 2
Create Avatar 10 7 5
Command Avatar 2 1 1
Catastrophe 1” 10 10 10

Aspects and Faces

In this stage, we will define the Aspects and prominent people of the city’s regions. This is a fully collaborative effort that has no mechanic. If we want there to be a black market, this is where you define who organizes it and what Aspects permeate the area.

City Creation

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