The History

Fifty years ago, archeologists in Southeast Asia unearthed a the remains of an ancient city. In the city, was a tablet that depicted men wielding the power of the elements as weapons against each other. Also within the city, the archeologists discovered an ancient laboratory. Here, after translating, they found the instructions for making an organic compound that would alter the recipient’s DNA. Years later, three countries, the US, China and Japan had access to what becomes known as the Abstraction compound.

Extensive testing lead to Japan perfecting its use. Japan succeeded in creating the first subject able to survive administration of the compound. When the subject awoke, she spoke of altered vision with which she could see relative heat of everything around her. In the next week, there is record of her being able to manipulate this heat, moving it from one object to another. Three weeks later, she died, and research continued. After a year, the Abstraction Process is perfected and subjects are able to survive indefinitely after the procedure. These new subjects are referred to as Abstractors.

Four years later, Japan also announces the discovery of a process they title “Distillation.” This process is able to create very specific and potent effects derived from the common Abstraction process, such as the transformation of life forms. This process is found to inhibit the subjects ability at further gaining Abstraction abilities.

Eight years after initial discovery of the compound, Russia is invaded. At first, many assume it is full fledged army, but satellites confirm it is but five men moving through Eastern Russia, razing all in their path. A week after the men enter the country, Moscow is leveled and Russia’s army has been shattered. The five men vanish and are never linked to a nation of origin.

A year later, twenty men land on the Californian shore of the US and begin marching towards DC, obliterating everything in between. The Constitution is suspended, and the President is given full power to respond. The twenty men are met in Missouri by fifty soldiers. The ensuing battle between this new breed of weapon severely alters the landscape, leaving large swathes of scorched ground, new rough mountain peaks and pockets of odd gravitational and magnetic activity. The Constitution is never restored.

These attacks from mysterious origins continue until the GenTec Corporation is linked. The US and China ally themselves against GenTec and engage in a full blown war against the company. The various nations of the world align themselves either with or against GenTec until World War III is in full action. Japan remains neutral throughout the conflict and is never provoked.

Twenty years ago, the two world powers that were the US, China sign a treaty with GenTec in Japan. This treaty creates a world organization, managed by former GenTec employees, that will regulate Abstractors and objectively keep the peace between nations. This evolves into a militarily powerful version of the UN.

Most areas of the world are able to continue on as if nothing has changed since before the war, but some areas see an emergence in rebels against this new world power, often called GenTec or simply the Military. Many less developed areas see a rise in gang with Distilled abilities. Today, the Military continues its efforts in suppressing the rebellions and bringing the Distilled gangs under control.

The History

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